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When an daikin AC reduces or is noticeably struggling, it is simply a problem of maintenance. If you don’t clean the daikin AC filter, the dirt and dust it collects creates a blockage, which stops the unit from ‘breathing’. Caused by this is the formation of ice within the AC.

Daikin AC leaking refrigerant issues Repair

If you discover a refrigerant leak, the temptation can there be to simply put more in. Unfortunately everything will do is cost you a lot of cash on refrigerant, and is likely to be dangerous. To Repair Daikin AC Serive, you will have to contact a qualified and licensed technician who can come out and repair and try out the system to make certain that it is working at its full potential. If possible, isolate the daikin AC by switching it off in the circuit breaker or safety switch until our repair technician arrives.

Daikin AC bad odour issues Repair

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Odors in daikin AC may be brought on by mould, mildew or fungi growth because of a blocked up drainage pipe, smells outside which are brought in through the AC.

Daikin AC loud banging noise issues Repair

Occasionally, AC will start to make loud (sometimes deafening) banging or wailing noises. Should this happen, most of the time it is the result of a dislodged fan belt. This fix is not difficult, speculate this is powerful electrical equipment, you may need a professional Technician to fix it. You shouldn’t switch on the AC until it’s been fixed – doing so could cause far more damage.